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The developing bodies of kids need to sleep on Mattresses that are conducive to their health and ensure peaceful rest. Our children’s mattresses have been thought about long and hard, tested, tweaked, bounced on and carefully specified to ensure maximum comfort and support.
Model: Mattress Protectors
Protect-A-BedSUPERIOR COMFORT MATTRESS PROTECTOR FROM PROTECT-A-BED Superior Comfort is a thin, breathable, waterproof, anti-allergy, mattress protector that offers superb quality and style at a great price. Made from a cotton terry towel surface for superior comfort and excellent absorbency...
Ex VAT:R378.26
Bambino Mattress Bambino Mattress
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Model: Bambino Mattress
2020-10-28 - NOTE: The supplying factory for the this mattress is currently unable to produce this mattress due to a lack of available materials as a result of COVID-19. Please contact us for mattress options. Kiddies High Density Foam Mattress with a plush knit material that is soft for comfo..
Ex VAT:R1,734.78
Model: Cot Mattress
Camp Cot Mattress  Dimensions 1000x630x80Fits Pine lime wash cot and basic cot..
Ex VAT:R478.26
Model: Mattress Protectors
Protect-A-BedCOT MATTRESS PROTECTOR FROM PROTECT-A-BED Unprotected cot mattresses create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites. Keep your baby’s mattress clean, dry and hygienic with Protect-A-Bed®’s cot mattress protector, featuring a soft cotton terry towelling finish offer..
Ex VAT:R186.96
Model: Easy Breathe Mattress
Easy Breathe Mattress This mattress is breathable, waterproof and non-allergenic.Dimensions1290x660x80  ..
Ex VAT:R604.35
Model: Pikkie Mattress
Pikkie Mattress - the perfect entry level mattress especially for potty training purposes!This mattress is not a standard size and is made to fit the Pikkie bed, which is sized for toddlers. Length: 154cm Width: 76cmDepth: 10cm..
Ex VAT:R739.13
Model: Snooze Me Mattress
 High Density Foam Mattress that combines quality and comfort with a damask knit cover.1 year warranty Single mattress dimensions: Length: 188cm, Width: 91cm, Depth: 20cm..
Ex VAT:R1,560.87
Model: Taxi Mattress
Single Taxi Mattress - the perfect entry level chip foam mattress is great for kids, spare rooms and underbeds! Length: 188 Width: 91 Depth: 15..
Ex VAT:R865.22
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