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Good quality sleep is vital for growing children. A right mattress provides the comfort necessary for sound sleep. A poor mattress, on the other hand, will negatively affect your child's sleep. Poor sleep affects a child's growth, development and health.  The best mattress for a child largely depends on the needs of the individual, for example, if they tend to fidget in the night or if they have allergies.

Here are essential considerations when buying a mattress for kids:

Support: Support is one of the most important considerations. Support means ability of the mattress to maintain a flat and even surface that promotes spinal alignment. Spinal support is what you really need from a mattress that your child will be spending 8-10 hours a night on. 

Firmness: Mattresses come in varying firmness. Mattress firmness ranges from very soft to very firm. The ideal firmness of yor kid's mattress depends significantly on the child's weight.

Allergy: Most mattress prouce an off-gasing odor when new. However, foam, latex and hybrid models may produce the smell for several weeks or days. A natural or organic sleep surfac is suitable for allergic kids. The good news is that our mattresses are allergen resistant materials.

Sleep position: Kids who sleep on their backs have much more freedom when it comes to choosing the firmnss and type of mattress. Relatively soft mattress is uitable for children who sleep on the side while stomach sleepers require soft to medium mattress.

Durability: Durability is an important factor because children will grow significantly during mattress lifespan. However, you should avoid to cheap mattresses that are prone to sagging.

You can purchase a Mattress protector that will help to protect the mattress underneath if your child wets the bed etc.
 Mattress Protector

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