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15 Sep SPRING is in the air!
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For the month of September we are offering 10% off all listed website items.When checking out use the coupon code "spring" to receive the discount.HAPPY SHOPPING!..
02 Jul We have moved ONLINE!
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We have moved online!!Check out our closing specials. ..
23 Apr Pedestals
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Get our handy, stylish pedestals which are so versatile!Use them as a bedside table also as storage. Most of our pedestals are designed to match our beds.We have various designs available to choose from, however we are also flexible in customizing-making sure that your needs are met!The Bryn pedestal can be ordered with two drawers or just as shelf..
22 Apr Hanging wall shelves
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Struggling with storage space in you room? Go for wall shelves!Our hanging wall shelves comes in different shapes and sizes, suitable for homes and offices.  We provide hooks to use when mounting them to the wall.These shelves are strong enough to carry books, trophies, photo frames and anything you may think of displaying just make sure not to ove..
21 Apr Bookshelves
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Need some space for your books? We got you covered!Kidz City stocks bookshelves suitable for study rooms or office.Our bookshelves can be ordered in different designs and also you can have more shelves as needed.We can also customize them to suit your needs.Various colours available at a little extra white is standard comes at no additional fee.Che..
20 Apr Storage Units
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Hide away those scattered toys in our storage units! We have various designs and sizes perfect for every room!Our Pigeon holes are one of the great and practical options of storing  toys,shoes,socks etc. You can order them with many divisions as you like from 2-18 divisions. Crates are sold separately and can be painted in your favorite colour as w..
17 Apr Butterfly bed
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Kidz City also stocks character/themed beds one of them is the Butterfly bed.This bed is popular in themed beds category, it's unique design has won many princesse's hearts.Carefully hand painted with some love and locally made.It is usually accompanied with a standing light which has shelves for storage, however it is sold separately.The good news..
16 Apr New Blog Post
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Looking for a toddler bed? Please meet Pikkie bed!This is our toddler bed which is shorter than a normal standard size bed, it is 1.5m in length by 76cm wide. It is a perfect transition bed for your little one. A long safety rail fits the entire bed for maximum protection, if you want to train your toddler to climb in and out of the bed alone then ..
15 Apr Kayla bed
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The Kayla bed is also a good seller in beds category at Kidz City.This bed comes with a high headboard measuring just over a meter, both headboard and footend are grooved and matches very well with our grooved toy box (Kist) and solid pedestal.It can be purchased in single, three quarter and double size, also available in various colours. Can also ..
14 Apr Beds
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We know that everyone is different that is why we try our best to produce beds in various designs, sizes and colours to suit everyone!Meet our most loved Luka slatted bed, this bed is the best seller, popular and very well loved!We can order this bed in single,three quarter or double size, can come with a matching foot end at the bottom or without ..
07 Apr KC double bunk
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KC double bunk is one of the best sellers in bunk bed category at Kidz City.The bunk bed comes with its own unique design however has similar features like other bunk beds in our family.Customers have a choice of having the ladder on the right or left, safety rail is screwed in the side pole and bottom side rail for maximum protection.It can also b..
06 Apr Bunk beds
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As parents we always want the best for our children, and the same applies when choosing the bunk bed for your child.We take safety of your children as our number one priority and we strive to make bunk beds that are strong, study and safe!Every bunk bed comes with a free safety rail and ladder, and we use lead free paint which is non toxic and huma..
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